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Project Description
LegoWeb is an open source web content management solution developed base on combination of ASP.NET 2.0 Webparts and MARCXML Metadata. It is very simple and very flexible.

The most advantages of LegoWeb system are:
- Unify various data collections in MARCXML format: articles, image collections, document library, product catalog, contacts, poll,...
- Using Meta Content Editor to update almost your data collections
- Easy in data migration
- Very flexible: easy define new data collection, change xslt templates, redesign website.

Demo version at, backend administration at with username: demo,pass: demo123.

LegoWeb CMS System Architecture Overview


(1)LegoWeb Database

- Create new SQL Server database name ex: LegoWebDb
- Run aspnetregsql -S SQLSERVERNAME -E -A all - d LegoWebDb_ from C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.Net\Framework\v2.0.50727 to install ASP.NET features on LegoWebDb.
- Run LegoWebTables.sql and LegoWebStores.sql (these files in LegoWebAdmin\DbScripts) on LegoWebDb to create LegoWeb tables and stores


LegoWebFiles stores Template files and user files, you can host this folder as normal virtua directory or ASP.NET application directory depend on your security requirements.
  • LegoWebFiles\File\Templates\ stores template files in some popular extensions are:
    • *.lbl are label files in MARCXML format (visit to define your lable for MARC code example: 245 $a Article Title
    • *.wfm are workform files in MARCXML format to define default fields with default value when create new a new meta content record.
    • *.xslt are Xslt stylesheet files to transform meta content records in MARCXML format to HTML.
    • *.htm are html template files example: agreement...

*Other folders to store web content files ex: images, flash, pdf....

LegoWebFiles folder structure is default by CKEditor and CKFinder

(3)LegoWebAdmin is backend administration of an LegoWebSite with some basic functions are:

We are temporary borrowing skin from joomla
  1. System
    1. User management
    2. Files management using CKFinder
    3. Common parameter management: just like name value pairs defination
    4. Metadata Imports
    5. Metadata Exports
  1. Menu
    1. Menu type manager
    2. Menu details
  1. Contents
    1. Content manager
    2. Content trash manager
    3. Sections
    4. Section categories

(4)LegoWebSite is frontend web application.

LegoWebSite using ASP.NET webparts technology allow webmaster design a website online (runtime mode) with only some basic webparts easily.




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